Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RIP – Padoh Saw David Taw – (1948-2012)

Padoh David Taw, a Karen leader, died tonight at 10:30pm in Mingalardon military hospital in Rangoon. Padoh David Taw, aged 65, passed away after suffering from a long illness.
The Burma government tonight (Sunday) will fly by helicopter, Padoh David Taw’s body to Karen State.
On Monday morning, the Karen National Union will take Padoh David Taw’s body to their KNLA headquarter area in 7th Brigade in preparation for a funeral service.
Padoh David Taw was, until recently, the secretary of the Karen National Union’s ‘Peace-Committee and a leading member of the delegation that negotiated the recent historic ceasefire agreement signed by both the KNU and the Burma government on the 12nd January, 2012.
Padoh David Taw is head of the KNU justice department and he was born in March 10, 1948 in Insein, Rangoon and studied history at Rangoon University.
Padoh David Taw is survived by his wife, Naw Jin Jar and two of his three daughters and two sons.

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